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Welcome to the X-Rebirth wiki page. This wiki aims to become a reference for gamers searching information about the video game. We provide a database, tutorials and guides for X-Rebirth.
Everyone is welcome to contribute to this wiki for others to learn and explore, and do give us admins a call if anything!




Database Universe

  • discussion page Talk:Hack/Cheat
    new comment by A Wikia contributor
    Comment: Mr. .NET when will the editor be availible? Will you allow editing of ship commander assignments?
  • new page Gigurum Energy
    created by A Wikia contributor
    New page: Designed and manufactured by Gigurum Heavy Launchers, the Gigurum Energy Transporter is specifically designed to carry energy. This freighter is...
  • discussion page Talk:Make quick money
    new comment by Azulius
    Comment: 2 hours of boarding PMC freighters after they become hostile to me, over 700 milons.. always check the cargo and count its value before boarding.
  • new page Construction Vessel
    created by Sam Vanguard
    New page: Name Construction Vessel Hull 1,400 k Speed 74 m/s Description[edit] Edit This type of vessel is a so-called - SCODA - 'Self...
    Summary: Added Description and several ship stat
  • new page Arawn
    created by Sam Vanguard
    New page: Arawn (XL) Property Hull 6,000 k Engines 60 m/s Jump Drive Yes Radar Range 36,000 m Storage Capacity 10,000 ...
    Summary: Added Description, and ship stat
  • discussion page Talk:Hack/Cheat
    new comment by A Wikia contributor
    Comment: this is helpfull and all, but it would be nice to know other specifics of the save file. for instance, what is the header of ship queues, (reson for...
  • edit Hacker Chips
    edited by A Wikia contributor diff
    Summary: Description:
  • discussion page Talk:Hack/Cheat
    new comment by A Wikia contributor
    Comment: <-- .Net programmer here. I'll make a nice professional editor... I detest doing repetitive tasks manually when I know I can automate or simplify...
  • edit Game Updates
    edited by Adrianus92 diff
  • new page Food Rations
    created by Sam Vanguard
    New page: Description[1] Edit Food Rations come in a large variety; as far as rations for the species Homo Sapiens are concerned, they mainly contain wheat,...
    Summary: Added description for Food Rations
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