Building a station can be a tedious task, and setting up a succesful supply chain can be even more intimidating if you don't know exactly what you need to make the chain succesful. Trading can also be a tedious task if you don't know which stations buy and sell which wares. This page provides a quick reference list of stations throughout the game listed by the originating system. Detailed information on each station and the wares involved with each station can be found by visitng a specific station's page. Please note that as your game progresses, different stations may pop up in different locations.

Albion StationsEdit

DeVries StationsEdit

Omicron Lyrae StationsEdit

Original Station Data Table (Dated December 2013)Edit

Name Price Products Primary Resources Secondary Resources
Argnu Stockyard Meat

Energy Cells ; Water ; Wheat

Arms Tech Fab Metal Plating Chemical Compounds ; Energy Cells ; Food Rations ; Medical Supplies ; Nividium Cubes ; Refines Metals
Arms Tech Supply
BoFu Star Complex
BTO Ship Line
Capital Shipyard
Cell Fab Matrix
Cell Recharge Fac Fuel Cells BoFu ; Energy Cells Spacefuel
Civ Ship Dockyard
Construction Shop Reinforced Metal Plating;

Chemical Compounds;

Refined Metals;

Chemical compunds ; Energy Cells ; Food rations ; Medical suplies ; Nividium cubes ; Refined metals

Energy Cells ; Food rations ; ion cells ; Ions ; Plasma cells ; Plasma

info here


Med Suplies ; Spacefuel;

Info here

Crystal Castle Food Rations Energy Cells ; Water ; Wheat
Crystal Refinery
Crystal Supplier Cut Crystals ; Nividium Cubes
Energy Array Energy Cells
Floating Meadows
Foodstuffs Supply
H2O Additives Fac Water ; Ice Energy Cells ; Ice
Habitation Food Rations ; Water ; Energy Cells
Hardware Supplier
High Tech Fab
Integrative URV Forge Interceptor URV Energy Cells ; Food Rations ; Ore
Large BTO Shipyard
Licensed Distillery
Mass Shipyard
Med Dispensary Pharmaceutacles ; Narcotics ; Space Weed
Mega Cellfab Ion cells ; Plasma Cells ; Antimatter Cells BoFu ; Energy Cells ; Ions ; Plasma ; Hydrogen Spacefuel
Mega-Tank Farm
Metalframes Fab
Metalworks Yard
Mil Hi-Tech Dept Plasma/MA Turret ; Sunstalker Missiles ; Force Field Projector ; Reinforced Metal Plating ; Warhead Components ; EM-Spectrometer Energy Cells ; Fusion Reactors ; Plasma Pumps ; Reinforced Metal Plating ; Bio-Electric Neuron Gel ; BoFu ; EM-Spectrometer ; Quantum Tubes ; Warhead Components ; Chemical Compounds ; Medical Supplies ; Nividium Cubes ; Refined Metals ; Antimatter Cells ; Cut Crystals ; Silicon Wafers Medical Supplies ; Narcotics ; Spacefuel
Mil Hi-Tech Manuf
Pharma Lab
Pharma-Spice Farm
Plankton Tankfarm
R&D Chem Lab
Retail Boatyard
Ship Tech Fab
Solar Energy Array Energy Cells BoFu
Solar Energy Farm
Soy Bean Farm
Spice Plantation
Staples Farmery
Tech Laboratory
TechnoCore Hi-E
TechnoCore Parts
Technology Megacomplex
URV Integration
URV Mass Line
URV Parts Supply
Valley Plantation
Water Distillery Water Ice ; Energy Cells
Water Prep Plant
Way Station
Wheat Plantation Wheat Energy Cells ; Water

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