Midir (L)
Hull 1,400 k
Engines 66
Jump Drive YES
Radar Range 24,000 m
Capacity 90,000
Storage Type Liquid ; Fuel
Unit Capacity 150
Possible Upgrades/Weapons
Force Field Projector 3
HIT/MA Turret 6


First designed and released by TerraCorp, this ship is now in production by a number of manufacturers across all sectors, most notably, Albionmetals. It is a ions and plasma mining vessel that has seen many revisions since its initial introduction; its basic parameters, however, remain unchanged. Although capable of launching mining drones, the thrust-to-payload ratio of the Midir is very low, and so is its manoeuvrability. Its weapon systems are not intended for tactical use as can be expected from a commercial mining vessel


The requiered Wares for the construction of this ship.

Global costs : 2,240,000 Cr

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