If you want to start the game with more money, equip your ships with drones or wares, change your reputation or the reputation between factions all you have to do is edit your saves (xml files).

Before you do AnythingEdit

Before you do any changes in the xml files make a backup in case something goes wrong.

Where are my save files ?Edit

The path to the save file should be C:\Users\You*\My Documents\Egosoft\X Rebirth\Number**\save

You* = Is the name of your computer session (most people use their own name)

Number** = Is a number i think its random but there should only be one so no problem.

The easy wayEdit

This is a save file editor which allow you to do edit the save through a user interface. It's very easy to use just follow the instructions on the website....UPDATE...This download link has been hidden by the author and this mod is INACTIVE.

The hard wayEdit

If you don't want to use the save file editor you will have to use a text editor and open the xml files.

Edit money :Edit

  • Start the game look how much credits you have.
  • Close the Game and open the save file
  • Use the search and replace function of your text editor and search for the money you had before you closed the game and replace it with how much money you want to have.

If you know other Hacks/Cheats please share them.

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