Name Drostan
Shield 14,000
Hull 22,000
Speed 208 m/s
Weapons Possible Upgrades/Weapon

Missile Launcher 4 Missile Launcher 4 Pulsed Maser Mk 1 1 Missile Launcher 4

Force Field Projector

Description Edit

This ship is neither agile nor fast and needs to be protected at all times. However, it features sophisticated torpedo launchers and, for all intents and purposes, constitutes a bomber. It is mainly used against ground installations but can as well attack and swiftly destroy large orbital complexes. During the Fourth Xenon Uprising (which later came to be known as the 'IRQ4 conflict'), several Drostan class bombers laid waste to two off-ecliptic Xenon power stations. All of the Drostan returned, with not a single casualty. The Drostan is an important tactical asset.

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