Delexian Ale
Base Price 149 Cr
Ware Volume 1
Storage Type Inventory
Illegal to Hearth of Albion

Argon Government

Plutarch Mining Corporation

Licences Hearth of Albion Intoxicants Licence

Argon Intoxicants Licence

Plutarch Intoxicants Licence


Delexian Ale is an alcoholic beverage consisting of up to  45 % methanol - instead of ethanol. Poisonous to humans and Boron, Delexian Ale is popular with some alien races, especially the Split. As a trial of courage, human adolescents are known to consume small doses of Delexian Ale, frequently resulting in permanent injuries and even fatalities. It is illegal to sell Delexian Ale without a licence.


This type of item is traded by Food Merchants. Typically you will find them in trading docks.

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