Crystal Supplier
Station attributes
System Albion
Hull 20,000 k
Storage 8,480 k
Storage Type Bulk, Container, Energy, Liquid
Buildable Yes
Unit Capacity 240
Defenses 43 Force Field Projectors, 101 HIT/MA Turrets, 36 Plasma/MA Turrets, 3 V Launchers

Specified to order, the Crystal supplier compound processes raw crystalline structures into cut crystals either for use in jewellery or for a wide variety of applications. Crystal suppliers are usually run fully-automated, and maintained by no more than one or two engineers.

Module SummaryEdit

  • Bulk Tube Stack
  • Bureau Security
  • Command Relay
  • Container Storage
  • Crystal Cuttery
  • Cube Plant
  • Liquid Spheroid
  • Targon Tracer
  • Tesla Duo-Charger
  • URV Launcher
  • Zoltek Bridge
  • Armoury Link

Crystal CutteryEdit

Description of module here.

Cube PlantEdit

Description of module here.

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